We have access to an enormous range of colors and sizes for these natural wonders, whether you are interested in amethysts or other varieties of gemstones. There are very few limitations in what we can aid our customers to pinpoint and acquire, as we established a direct and solid partnership with some of the distinguished Uruguayan miners.

Focusing on the needs and desires of our customers is our priority. It is through connectivity and privacy that we achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, these connections evolve into lifelong relationships. We pride ourselves on our listening skills. Understanding, through communicating in detail, our clients' preferences results in fulfilling and exceeding every customer's expectations. 

Once in contact, we narrow down together the most pleasing match by providing photographs and specific details. With a mutual understanding that demand and supply are intimately related when working on special orders, timely communication is essential. In an effort to minimize wait time, all sculptural large pieces ship directly to our customers from the source.


You acquired a true piece of nature-made art. In ensuring that you sustain the phenomenal beauty and integrity of your gemstone please try keeping in mind the magnificence of its creation, as well as the remarkable blend of minerals involved in the formation process throughout millions of years. 

There are some details to keep in mind when you acquire a piece. Do not place your natural-art piece in direct sunlight. Over time this could result in fading of the color you fell in love with. Even though the fading could take many years and it could be very subtle, you want to prevent it.
Semiprecious stones can also be damaged by becoming into contact with harsh alkaline solutions, hydrofluoric acid, or ammonium fluoride. 

To preserve your piece in pristine condition please keep in mind that these semiprecious stones are resilient and the hardness of each crystal is undeniable, but you need to be mindful of its harmonic natural architecture.


It is recommended to care for your large gemstones differently than how you handle your smaller pieces.

LARGER pieces should not be moved, although similar steps can be followed with a clean and soft cloth on the surface where they are displayed. 
For deep-cleaning larger pieces and other collectibles, it is ideal to use a compressed-gas duster as it delivers pure moisture-free blasts removing dust, lint, and other contaminants from the hard-to-reach crevices in between the crystals and points, without having to manipulate the sizable gemstone. 

SMALLER crystals can safely be picked up and taken to a flat work area covered by cloth, to protect the piece itself from scratching on your surface for work. The following are the steps to complete. 
- Fill a container with enough lukewarm water to submerge the piece, and add a teaspoon of mild soap. 
- Gently place your gemstone and leave it in the soapy water for a few minutes, to soften the dust accumulated in the tiny crevices between the crystals. 
- Gently rub the piece with an extra-soft bristle toothbrush. Take your time. Whether you are working on a gemstone composed of large or small crystals be mindful of every crystal peak as you reach it with your soft brush. 
- Rinse the crystal with clean distilled water. Distilled water is free of impurities such as mineral deposits that could leave residues in the stone. Repeat rinse until soap is completely removed. 
- Place the crystal in a place where it can dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight, which is never recommended. 
- Repeat the process whenever you feel it is necessary.

-The use of a compressed-gas duster can be a great option as well.



All items ordered through the Deepest Earth website will generally ship within 1 to 3 business days.

Personalized orders and/or privately arranged purchases of larger pieces will be handled on an individual basis.

Domestic Economy shipping will be FREE of cost to the customer. 
You will receive your item via USPS Economy Shipping generally with a transit time of 5-8 business days. Domestic Standard shipping for pieces up to 5 lbs will generally take 3-4 days at a rate of $6.90 and 5-10lbs at a rate of $9.90.

Purchases placed outside of the U.S. will generally be received within 10-12 business days. International shipping methods are determined by item size, type, fragility, and specific characteristics. In addition, international shipping costs are calculated based on courier rates, delivery distance, and packing complexity. 

Customs, duties, and taxes may apply to international purchases and will be handled on a one-on-one basis as the official department that administrates and collects the duties levied varies per country. Customs may contact the purchaser directly as it will be the purchaser's responsibility to cover the duties that may apply.




These policies have been instituted in an effort to protect the fragile integrity of all of Deepest Earth's products, including the ones you are considering. 
We provide full transparency regarding the quality of our crystals. 
Our extensive gallery of photographs for each piece offers close-ups for spot details. 
Dimensions in pounds, kilograms, inches, and centimeters are listed for you to receive exactly the unique gemstone you fell in love with. Ultimately, we are 100 percent confident you will love your chosen gemstone and you will proudly share the excitement of your purchase with friends and colleagues.



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