To offer the finest quality being objective was imperative, therefore following the industry facts referring to the quality of Uruguayan amethysts. The highest quality in these semiprecious stones comes from South America, but there are established industry facts to point out. Brazil is very well known for its rocks' production as it’s the 5th largest country in the world, right after the US. Nonetheless, it’s an industry-known fact that the highest quality with the most intense hues of color with the brightest clarity in amethyst comes from Uruguay. Every geode is is also superior due to the crystals peak size. In addition, the country extracts the biggest pieces on the planet, holding the record for the largest geode ever recorded, the Empress of Uruguay stands 11 feet tall at the Crystal Caves Museum in Atherton, Australia.

Saturation in color for amethysts is a very desirable and sought feature. The finest amethysts possess an intense purple tone, which is scarce throughout the world, and of nearly no visible color zooming. Uruguay produces some of the deepest-colored Amethyst. Colors that are so alluring, including deep purple or plum, to almost black Amethyst, are from Uruguay. Due to the mineral nature of this quartz variety, you’ll find different shades within every crystal on the geode, however, homogeneity is also very valued in amethysts.

Only high-quality amethysts can expose visible stalactites, which are rare, and embellish the piece stunningly. The presence of a cut, polished stalactite adds a natural design and detail of radiance. Calcite formations are also relatively rare, therefore scouted out by collectors or buyers looking for more components as they reflect the extraordinary implication of different temperatures required for the two minerals to crystallize. The presence of colorful layers or bands in the agate bordering reaching the basalt back shell can add to the uniqueness of the piece accentuating the brilliance of the peaks gleefully.