High-quality amethysts reveal an exquisite arrangement of visible components, which display a remarkable combination of minerals developing from the outer basalt inwards, concluding in the brilliant crystals peaks.

The medley of a wide variety of details adorn every piece in an enriched and most unique composition of beauty, including the possible presence of visible stalactite formations, calcites or even the decorative bands of agate, and celadonite. In addition to the traditional deep purple hues that most people are familiar with in amethysts, the Uruguayan mines offer a miscellany of shades in pink, blue, green, or earthy colors.

This allows to fulfill all desires in coloring, still honoring the customers preference for amethysts. Many centuries ago amethysts were only available to royalty, as they were the highest priced quartz variety. Nowadays, due to its accessibility and affordability, it is a popular gemstone variety that embodies the gorgeous offerings of our Earth.