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Deepest Earth

Undulate Shape Purple Crystals and White Quartz

Undulate Shape Purple Crystals and White Quartz

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Exceptional amethyst geode with charming shape and top quality. The interior of the piece is a very deep cavity, which presents a very high-quality amethyst due to its deep purple and high peaked crystals. The polished edges of the formation reveal the green celadonite, grey agate, and the aesthetic is sealed with a smattering of sparkling white quartz crystals. These minerals frame and intensify the vibrant deep purple color. The back of the piece offers a window of revealed minerals.


Images display multiple sides of the same piece.

Iron mounting securely hugs the gemstone. Wood portion colors may vary.

On the stand, approximately 9.08 in - 23 cm tall




Weight: 2.15 lb - 1.26 Kg

Height: 6.6 in - 16.6 cm

Width: 3.3 in - 8.5 cm

Depth: 4.1 in - 10.6 cm

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