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Deepest Earth

Charcoal Rare Druzy Amethyst with Rosette

Charcoal Rare Druzy Amethyst with Rosette

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Uncover the beauty of a captivating, self-standing bowl-shaped amethyst that showcases rare charcoal-colored druzy crystals. Nestled at its center, a breathtaking cream-yellow calcite formation blossoms, resembling a delicate rosette. The graceful color and shape of these crystal peaks harmoniously merge with a mesmerizing band of green celadonite, creating an enchanting undulating effect.

This unparalleled masterpiece, sourced exclusively from Uruguay, is a true testament to natural artistry. Its uniqueness sets it apart, radiating pure sophistication and captivating the hearts of those who appreciate the wonders of the Earth. Prepare to be entranced by this one-of-a-kind treasure, a symbol of beauty and elegance found within the depths of Uruguay's geological wonders.



Weight: 5.2 lb - 2.3 Kg

Height: 7.4 in - 18.8 cm

Width: 5.85 in - 15.0 cm

Depth: 3.6 in - 9.10 cm

Additional Details

A self-standing, large bowl-shaped amethyst formed of charcoal color druzy crystals with a gorgeous central cream-yellow colored calcite formation resembling a rosette. The chic hue and shape of these crystal peaks conclude in an undulant manner when meeting a lovely band of green celadonite. A most unique, and unrepeatable natural wonder of art as only Uruguay can offer. Charcoal Color Druzy Amethyst with Rosette

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