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Deepest Earth



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An exceptionally unique display of cut stalactites resembling eyes or stars on this cut-base style amethyst geode with stunning details of see-through agate around its sides and back. Prominent marbled agate detailing on outer ridges delights you with light-reflecting corners of white quartz and celadonite. 

With an unpolished basalt back, the edges have been traditionally polished uncovering the most impressive celadonite composition of blue and gray shade bands, as the transparent yet colorful agate draws you into this astonishing piece of natural-ancient art even deeper.

Internationally recognized as the country with the best amethysts on the planet, Uruguay delivers these remarkable pieces from its ethically sourced mines to you, an art lover, a gemology lover, or one with a keen eye for uniqueness and exclusiveness in gemstones.



Weight: 1.42 lb  -  0.64 Kg

Height: 4.25 in - 10.8 cm

Width: 4.0 in - 10.2 cm

Depth: 3.75 in -  9.6 cm

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