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Deepest Earth

Double Agate Center Stalactite

Double Agate Center Stalactite

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Presenting a double agate center stalactite, this slice showcases a radiant and unconventional lavender color, graced by the exceptional feature of a dual colorful agate center. With its delicate yet luminous appearance, this slice embodies a captivating charm. The double center mesmerizes with its striking resemblance to a pair of forest green and earthy brown jasper eyes, forming an impressive mineral display.

Amethyst stalactite slices are found in limited regions across the globe, making this offering from the Uruguayan land all the more spectacular. Delight in the rarity and beauty of this unique creation, a testament to the captivating wonders hidden within our planet's geological formations.


Images display both sides.

Stalactite slices are presented in a classy box with a clear, fitting stand.



Length: 3.8 in - 9.4 cm

Width: 2.9 in - 7.3 cm

Additional Details

Double Agate Center Stalactite is a luminous non-traditional lavender color crystal peaks, with the uniqueness of a double agate center, this is a dainty yet lambent stalactite slice. The dual center offers a mineral double-eye impressive model of forest green and earthy brown jasper tones.

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