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Deepest Earth

Frosty Amethyst with Multi-Texture Calcites

Frosty Amethyst with Multi-Texture Calcites

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The highlight of this piece is, undoubtedly, the impressive calcite formation of unique multi-textures, and rich honey and orange tones, which reveal a complex mineral composition. This frosty* purple amethyst offers a forest green layer of celadonite, meeting with the raw basalt volcanic rock, all formed within the deepest layer of the earth about 130 to 140 million years ago.


*Note, the crystals on this amethyst are classified as frosty possessing a distinctive sheen that differs from the luster of traditional crystals.



Weight: 2.16 lb - 1.35 Kg

Height: 5.2 in - 13.1 cm

Width: 3.7 in - 9.3 cm

Depth: 3.4 in - 8.6 cm

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