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deepest earth



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The deepest purple, inviting, and calming shape on this cut-base amethyst geode cluster stile. Filled with large peaks of crystal gemstones in a hypnotizing violet shade. This unique piece is clean and meditation-inspiring. 

Traditional polish exposes a magical balance between the raw basalt rock in the back and the exquisite effulgent front. this piece will reflect light and inspire you regardless of the spot where displayed. Vibrantly sparkle in bright or dimmed light, giving it a beautifully undeniable quality. 

Delightfully rounded on the edges, it reveals an outstanding combination of colors due to the blue celadonite, brown agate, and white quartz as, consistently, Uruguayan amethysts can offer. 



Weight: 1.15 lb - 0.90 Kg

Height: 4.5 in - 11.5 cm

Width: 3.25 in - 8.3 cm

Depth: 3.5 in - 9.0 cm  

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