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Deepest Earth

Rare Minerals Amethyst Geode

Rare Minerals Amethyst Geode

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Behold this exceptionally large cut-base fragment of a state-making amethyst geode, boasting a rare assortment of minerals. Within its enchanting depths, a delicate blend of pink and lavender crystals harmoniously coexist, creating a visually captivating spectacle. The presence of stunning celadonite is prominently showcased and crystallized within the geode's structure.

As your gaze transitions, a delightful band of light and transparent green emerges, offering a subtle yet striking contrast with the vibrant colors of the crystals. Meanwhile, the rear side of this extraordinary piece reveals a breathtaking display of yellows, greens, and blacks, unveiling the intricate complexity of the minerals involved in its formation.

This rare minerals amethyst geode, gifted to us by the Earth and formed millions of years ago within the prestigious underground of Uruguay, is a true testament to nature's remarkable artistry.



Weight: 10.8 lb - 4.9 Kg

Height: 10.75 in - 27.5 cm

Width: 6.0 in - 15.2 cm

Depth: 4.0 in - 10.0 cm

Additional Details

Rare Minerals Amethyst Geode. The back of this rare piece is simply exquisite offering a full display of yellows, green and black colors revealing the complexity of the minerals involved in its formation. Gifted from our earth, formed millions of years ago in the prestigious underground of the Uruguayan land.

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