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Deepest Earth

Rare Earth Toned Quartz Geode

Rare Earth Toned Quartz Geode

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This Rare Earth Toned Quartz Geode stands as a distinctive masterpiece, a true gem for collectors and amethyst enthusiasts who appreciate an unconventional hue. It exudes a natural, robust appeal, further enhanced by the inclusion of a magnificent large calcite formation in a rich yellow shade.

The geode is adorned with captivating bands of red agate, which gracefully intermingle with the orange-brown quartz crystals. Contrasting the traditional basalt, the back showcases a charming yellow tone.



Weight: 4.0 lb - 2.7 Kg

Height: 6.7 in - 17 cm

Width: 5.02 in - 12.8 cm

Depth: 3.7 in - 9.3 cm

Additional Details

This Earth-Toned Rare Quartz Geode is a mineral masterpiece specimen for collectors and amethyst lovers with a craving for an untraditional color. Earthy and virile with an extra stunning gift in the large calcite formation of rich yellow color. Delightful bands of red agate meet the orange-brown quartz crystals. The back displays a charming yellow tone, unlike the traditional basalt.

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