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Deepest Earth



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Behold this mesmerizing gem-grade amethyst, radiating a captivating purple hue and adorned with impressively sized crystals. The skillful polish along its edges beautifully reveals the intricate white quartz formations, seamlessly transitioning into delicate layers of agate and celadonite.

The sheer uniqueness of this MANTLE amethyst gem-grade geode for sale of natural art is truly unparalleled. Its brilliance emanates from the exceptional combination of various minerals, including abundant traces of iron, which came together millions of years ago during the Crustaceous period, interwoven within the layers of Uruguay's bountiful underground.



Weight: 2.16 lb - 0.98 Kg

Height: 5.5 in - 14.0 cm

Width: 3.5 in - 9.0 cm

Depth: 4.0 in - 10.2 cm 

Additional Details

This hypnotic purple amethyst Gem-Grade for sale is filled with crystals of impressive peak size. The traditional polish around its edges allows a display of white quartz formations that transition into a delicate layer of both agate and celadonite. Rare and of high quality from Uruguay.

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