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deepest earth



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Staggering amethyst surrounded by lite lavender-toned quartz, agate, and vibrant green celadonite with bands of bluish-green and yellow jasper, which outline and contrast the different purple-hued crystals.  

Gorgeous specimen of delicate purple shades filled with large crystals. Remarkably reflective of natural or indoor light, for which a traditional-polish finish meets the raw basalt back as a reminder of the earth-made art this piece is.

This geode fragment formed in a magma bubble with the perfect combination of radiation, pressure, cooling, and an amazing mix of minerals in a formation time period dating back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the planet around 130 million years ago. 



Weight: 3.5 lb - 1.6 Kg

Height: 5.0 in - 12.8 cm

Width: 4.5 in - 11.5 cm

Depth: 3.5 in - 9.0 cm

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