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Deepest Earth

Cyber-Grape Geode on Custom Stand

Cyber-Grape Geode on Custom Stand

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An exquisite cyber-grape shade amethyst geode with stalactite formation. This natural piece is surrounded and adorned by beautifully polished sides, where it is possible to see mineral layers developing from the rough basalt, grey and blue agate, and deep amethyst crystal.

The frame of multi-color minerals intensifies the purple vibrant tone of the amethyst. Furthermore, on its customized stand, it’s possible to appreciate three hundred and sixty degrees of gorgeous natural art. 

Images display multiple sides of the same piece.

Iron mounting securely hugs the round geode.

Wood portion colors may vary.

On the stand, approximately 7.3 in - 18.5 cm tall



Weight: 3.11 lb - 1.67 Kg

Height: 5.9 in - 14.8 cm

Width: 4.5 in - 11.5 cm

Depth: 3.7 in - 9.3 cm

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