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deepest earth



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Staggering amethyst cut-base geode filled with intense, deep purple crystal peaks, which transports you to the deepest earth corners with the most intense purple color in amethyst. 

The piece is of a remarkable example of a three-dimensional geode with a window in the rough basalt in the back from which to peek through into a world of minerals involved in the formation process. A delightful display of quartz in the back.

The impressive detail of stalactite adds to the stunning composition of splendid uniqueness, including the thick agate border, in blue and green tones. The multicolored frame intensifies the deep purple tone of this high-quality amethyst. Traditional polish and ethically sourced from around the world admired the mines of Uruguay with a formation period dater between 120 and 140 million years ago. 



Weight: 2.8 lb - 1.12 Kg 

Height: 4.75 in - 12.1 cm

Width: 3.75 in - 9.6 cm

Depth: 3.75 in - 9.6 cm  


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