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deepest earth



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Exquisite cut-base cluster amethyst of the most inviting purple shade. This tower-shaped amethyst offers different angles which to admire its beautiful and vibrant peaks from.

The edges of this natural sculpture were polished with a traditional finish allowing us to admire its bands of sparkling white quartz, bright green celadonite, and deep blue-greenish agate. All layers of minerals are in balance, representative of the richness of the underground, which millions of years later became the land of Uruguay. 

All pieces are ethically sourced by the locals of Uruguay with skillful hands, preserving the natural shape of each piece of natural art.



Weight: 1.15 lb - 0.86 Kg

Height: 6 in - 12.25 cm

Width: 2.75 in - 7 cm

Depth: 3 in - 7.7 cm

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