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Deepest Earth

Angelical, White Crystals Beauty

Angelical, White Crystals Beauty

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This extraordinary stalactite slice embodies the charm and grace of a mineral "flower" formed underground. Its delicate and unparalleled beauty is represented by pristine white crystals, surrounding a central brown-blue agate with a distinctive green jasper border.

From a geological perspective, amethyst stalactites are a rare find, limited to a few select regions worldwide. This particular slice serves as a symbol of the exceptional quality and uniqueness that Uruguay offers. Behold the Rare White Crystals Flower Stalactite Slice, a true testament to nature's artistry.


Images display both sides.

Stalactite slices are presented in a classy box with a clear, fitting stand.



Length: 4.2 in - 10.61 cm

Width: 3.5 in - 8.9 cm


Additional Details

The most delicate and unique mega, rare white quartz crystals flower stalactite slice impersonates the beauty and elegance of a mineral, underground-made flower. Of pure white crystals and a brown-blue agate center with a green jasper outline. White Crystals Stalactite Slice.

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