A Gateway to Exquisite Minerals

Welcome to Deepest Earth, where we specialize in providing a vast array of natural wonders in various colors and sizes. Whether you have a fascination for amethysts or other mineral pieces, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in pinpointing and acquiring their desired treasures. Our strong partnership with esteemed Uruguayan miners allows us to offer an extensive selection with minimal limitations.


At Deepest Earth, our customers' needs and desires take center stage. We prioritize connectivity and privacy to ensure exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, fostering lifelong relationships with each individual. One of our core strengths lies in our ability to truly listen. By engaging in detailed communication, we gain a deep understanding of our client's preferences, enabling us to exceed their expectations consistently.


Once you reach out to us, our aim is to guide you toward the most captivating match for your unique requirements. We facilitate this process by providing photographs and specific details, allowing you to visualize the potential beauty of each piece. We understand that special orders require close collaboration, where demand and supply are intertwined. Therefore, timely and transparent communication becomes essential. To minimize wait time, all sculptural large pieces are shipped directly from the source to your doorstep.


To assist you in your quest for a custom piece, we kindly request some general details to ensure availability. Please click on the email link provided and share the following information:

  1. Crystal Color Scheme: Let us know your color preferences based on the room decor or any other personal inclinations. This information will help us narrow down the mineral choices to find the perfect match.

  2. Mounted or Cut-base: Specify whether you prefer your piece to be mounted or have a cut base. This detail will add the finishing touch to your customized creation.

  3. Dimensions: Provide us with a rough idea of the desired height, width, and depth in feet or meters. Whether you envision your piece on a stand or as a standalone centerpiece, these details will aid us in finding the ideal fit for your space.


At Deepest Earth, we thrive on efficient and fluid communication. We look forward to exchanging photographs and delving into the specifics to create a seamless experience for you. Rest assured that your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.


Deepest Earth stands as your gateway to exquisite minerals, providing you with an unparalleled selection and personalized assistance. With our focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to foster lifelong relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. By engaging in open and efficient communication, we ensure that your custom piece journey is a delightful one. Get ready to embark on a thrilling exploration of natural beauty with Deepest Earth.


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