Ancient yet contemporary, we have access to mighty-sized pieces. Timeless raw beauty in these nature-made art carvings naturally weathered yet strikingly refulgent.


By spreading awareness, we encourage and empower others to offer a helping hand that can make an invaluable impact on families who need it the most. 


A stalactite forms gradually over time from mineral-enriched water that drips from underground cave ceilings. As the water laden with minerals drips and filters, it leaves behind thin layers of calcite in a repeating process. This repetition results in the creation of multiple rings, giving birth to the exquisite formations known as stalactites. Among these formations are the rare and captivating amethyst stalactites, which develop in and around a central piece of agate. To unveil the amethyst crystals that encircle the central piece, these stalactites must undergo a careful cross-cutting process. The outcome resembles a crystalline "flower" or "eye," showcasing an array of shapes and colors, including breathtaking shades of purple and other alluring colors depending on the minerals involved in their formation.

Extracting these formations demands skilled artisans who precisely slice them to reveal their intricate mineral layers. Geologically speaking, amethyst stalactites are a truly exceptional phenomenon. The interplay of magma, mineral-rich water, the passage of countless years, and the existence of underground caves within hydrothermal igneous volcanic rocks, alongside other contributing factors, harmonize to give rise to these marvels. Uruguay stands out as a source for these exceptional creations, offering the highest quality and elegance.