A stalactite begins with drops of water enriched with minerals, formed on cave ceilings. As the mineral-loaded water drips over thousands of years it leaves behind a thin ring of Calcite. Drop after drop more rings form creating these gorgeous formations. Amethyst stalactites are a rare and stunning combination that forms in and around a central piece of agate. They have to be cross-cut to expose the central agate with the amethyst crystals around it, which beautifully resemble a crystal “flower" or "eye” with infinite combinations of shapes and different colors including brilliant hues of purple.

Skillful hands are crucial to extract these formations that will be precisely sliced to expose all the minerals layers. Geologically speaking amethyst stalactites are a rare phenomenon. Many factors including magma, minerals, water, and millions of years are what it took within hydrothermal igneous volcanic rocks to form these wonders, which can be sourced from Uruguay for the highest quality and elegance.