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Deepest Earth



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This exceptional sculptural masterpiece of natural art effortlessly complements any setting or decor. Its captivating shape and enchanting colors are visually captivating, with microcrystals in a deep charcoal hue. Adding to its mineral complexity and introducing a subtle touch of color, there is a prominent green celadonite band that graces this piece.

NOAH'S rare shape mineral, natural art, geode decor for sale of unconventional tones, presents a delightful exhibition of nature's artistic prowess. The gracefully curved arc, formed by the Earth over millions of years, was unearthed from the esteemed depths of Uruguay, a region celebrated for its extraordinary geological wonders.



Weight: 2.11 lb - 1.0 Kg

Height: 4.3 in - 11 cm

Width: 5.3 in - 13.5 cm

Depth: 3.3 in - 8.4 cm

Additional Details

NOAH'S is a rare amethyst of non-traditional tones that delights us with a nature-made arc shape created by our earth millions of years ago and sourced for the underground of the prestigious Uruguayan land. Intriguing in shape and color presenting us with charcoal color microcrystals, and a band of green celadonite.

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