Ochi-methysménos, Greek expression used centuries ago when referring to amethysts. The meaning behind it relates to "eye" or watch drunkness. It’s known that for centuries priests wore amethysts for the prevention of drunkenness and overindulgence. Nowadays, it's believed that displaying an amethyst in the home or place of work can improve physical conditions or ease spiritual and emotional heaviness. The lists, of what these crystals can assist in easing, are endless.

What we scientifically know is that everything around us contains and carries energy. Everything is made of atoms in our physical world. Maybe the orbits of all atoms and their subatomic particles and the protons, electrons, and neutrons inside crystals make us feel good as they vibrate in their own frequency arising from their unique mineral molecular composition. Perhaps all the hype around the notion that different types of crystals can offer multiple sensations of calmness and wellness can be justified by physics.

Should we consider the ideology that the inside of an atom contains the secret of actively moving energy that hides within all objects including rocks, gemstones, or crystals and they could impact our bodies or minds? Or could it be that we feel humble in the presence of a miraculous piece of perfectly combined minerals created by our planet an unimaginable length of time ago?

It all could be this simple. Having these astonishing ancient sculptures of natural art enrich our surroundings aesthetically. In that sense they could manifest a placebo effect that takes over us when we touch or admire these gemstones and crystals, therefore, feeling serene and inspired to meditate, love, and cherish ourselves and others.