Custom Orders


We have access to a wide range of colors and sizes for these natural wonders, including amethysts and various other mineral pieces. Our partnership with esteemed Uruguayan miners allows us to assist customers in finding and acquiring exactly what they are looking for, with minimal limitations.


Our top priority is understanding and fulfilling the needs and desires of our customers. By fostering connectivity and ensuring privacy, we strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, building long-lasting relationships. We take pride in our attentive listening skills and believe that detailed communication is key to exceeding our customers' expectations.


Once we establish contact, we work closely with customers to narrow down the best match. We provide photographs and specific details to facilitate the selection process. For special orders, where demand and supply are closely related, timely communication is crucial. To minimize wait times, large sculptural pieces are shipped directly to customers from the source.


To check availability, we kindly request general details about your custom piece. Please use the provided email link to provide us with the following information:

  • Your preferred crystal color scheme, taking into consideration the room decor or personal preferences. This will help us narrow down the mineral options.
  • Whether you prefer a mounted or cut base piece.
  • Rough dimensions in feet or meters for height, width, and depth. This information will assist us in finding the perfect fit, whether it's a stand-alone or on a stand.


At Deepest Earth, we are eager to facilitate efficient and seamless communication by exchanging photographs and discussing all the specific details of your desired piece.



email us for a special order


giant purple amethyst geode
pink quartz rare amethyst on stand with stalactites
rare heart shape on stand amethyst
rare mounted purple amethyst with stalactites
on stand rare amethyst
mounted elongated pink amethyst