Based in Malibu California, Deepest Earth is a global online boutique that takes great pleasure in being the connecting bridge between our taste-refined customers, of unwavering fervor for amethysts, with the source of the most astonishing quality gemstones and crystals. Our aspiration is that every inquiry or customer interaction is filled with an excelling service commitment.

Laura's passion has always been related to the mysteries of our planet with a profound respect for its offerings. Her epiphany took place when, visiting her homeland, she made her way behind the scenes to a mesmerizing world of prehistorical beauty. It was then that she had the extraordinary opportunity to hold in her hands and crack open what appeared to be an ordinary rock, to uncover the most radiant geode of crystal peaks inside. Her life-long interest in history, geography, geology, and gemology all merged in admiration for one of Earth's most magnificent gifts. Her deep interest in seemingly unconnected topics of study amalgamated together in the learning of these nature-made wonders. What followed was extensive research and submerging herself in the learning of all related to crystals and gemstones, and grew particularly fascinated with the complexity and unpaired beauty of amethysts.

A critical consideration was the legal and ethical way of sourcing these semiprecious stones by dint of the skillful locals' hands. Once this essential factor was met, then Laura meticulously chose Uruguay. Proud to have access to this world-renowned source for its amethysts, where every piece extracted is of unmatched excellence and seductive style.