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Deepest Earth



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Presenting a remarkably elegant and uncommon geode specimen showcased on a custom-made stand. This rare amethyst geode stalactites on stand is a unique piece that unveils exposed crystals at the front, as well as along the sides and back. The abstract face grand amethyst geode boasts large and captivating crystals that are expertly exhibited on its accompanying stand.

Drawing our gaze further, a delightful band of lavender-colored quartz gracefully meets an impressive layer of green celadonite and other minerals, captivating our attention until it reaches the primal basalt at the rear. Witness the extraordinary elegance of this atypical specimen on its stand, a true marvel to behold.

Permanent iron mounting securely holds the fragment. 

On the stand, approximately 5.8 in - 14.8 cm tall



Weight: 1.12 lb - 0.52 Kg

Height: 4.1 in - 10.5 cm

Width: 3.3 in - 8.4 cm

Depth: 1.3 in - 3.3 cm

Additional Details

On a stand, this handpicked rare amethyst geode delights us with the illustration of an abstract face. This impressive piece of natural art impersonates a face composed of two extraordinary cut stalactites crystal quartz. The mouth is an undulating opening exposing a vast array of grape-purple quartz crystals. RARE AMETHYST GEODE STALACTITES STAND

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