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This exquisite natural sculpture, featuring gem-grade Japanese grape hues on its oversized crystal points, showcases the finest in amethyst geodes. Skilful craftsman's hands polished the sides exposing its quartz brilliancy concluding in the most breathtaking crystal peaks. The geode's back unveils rugged and colorful unpolished basalt as a reminder of the volcanic rock that once hosted this elegant formation.

Globally recognized for its exceptional quality, Uruguayan amethyst geodes distinguish themselves through their intense purple coloration, large peaked crystals, and durability. Formed millions of years ago during the Cretaceous period, these crystals provide a delightful touch of ancient yet luxurious nature-made art to embellish any space with harmony and luxury.


Weight: 10.2 lb - 4.6 Kg

Height: 7.5 in - 18.8 cm

Width: 7.0 in - 17.7 cm

Depth 4.7 in - 11.5 cm

Additional Details

Finest amethyst geode cluster of gem quality points. It can be displayed on an upward position exposing its raw and colorful basalt back or with its points facing up for radiant brilliancy.

  • ethically sourced
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Customer Reviews

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Miwako Ito
Purchased from Japan

I recently purchased a beautiful amethyst crystal piece from this online store. Normally, I don't do this kind of shopping online as I don't want to receive something different from my expectations. This time I decided to shop here, because they had very nice pictures taken from different angles, under natural sunlight, which exposes the true color of stones. Also specific dimensions were given both in inches and centimeters. The piece arrived sooner than I thought and was packaged very nicely and carefully. This amethyst was exactly what I imagine this piece would be, if not prettier! I was hoping to receive something as beautiful as the pictures, but never thought they it would exceeded my expectations! This was my first time to shop here, but I can tell Deepest Earth is honest and trustworthy, and I am very pleased I found it here!