We have access to a wide range of colors and sizes for these natural wonders, including amethysts and various other mineral pieces. Our partnership with esteemed Uruguayan miners allows us to assist customers in finding and acquiring exactly what they are looking for, with minimal limitations.

Our top priority is understanding and fulfilling the needs and desires of our customers. By fostering connectivity and ensuring privacy, we strive to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, building long-lasting relationships. We take pride in our attentive listening skills and believe that detailed communication is key to exceeding our customers' expectations.

Once we establish contact, we work closely with customers to narrow down the best match. We provide photographs and specific details to facilitate the selection process. For special orders, where demand and supply are closely related, timely communication is crucial. To minimize wait times, large sculptural pieces are shipped directly to customers from the source.

To check availability, we kindly request general details about your custom piece. Please use the provided email link to provide us with the following information:

  • Your preferred crystal color scheme, taking into consideration the room decor or personal preferences. This will help us narrow down the mineral options.

  • Whether you prefer a mounted or cut base piece.

  • Rough dimensions in feet or meters for height, width, and depth. This information will assist us in finding the perfect fit, whether it's a stand-alone or on a stand.

At Deepest Earth, we are eager to facilitate efficient and seamless communication by exchanging photographs and discussing all the specific details of your desired piece.

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You have obtained a genuine work of art crafted by nature. To ensure the enduring beauty and integrity of your gemstone, it is important to appreciate the magnificence of its creation and the extraordinary blend of minerals involved in its formation over millions of years.

There are certain considerations to bear in mind when you possess such a piece. Avoid placing your natural artwork in direct sunlight, as this can cause the beloved colors to fade over time. While the fading process may be gradual and subtle, it is advisable to prevent it altogether.

Additionally, semi-precious stones can be susceptible to damage if exposed to harsh alkaline solutions, hydrofluoric acid, or ammonium fluoride. It is important to safeguard your piece by preventing contact with these substances.

To maintain your gemstone in impeccable condition, remember that semi-precious stones possess resilience and undeniable hardness. However, it is essential to appreciate and respect their harmonious natural structure.


When it comes to caring for your gemstones, it is important to distinguish between larger and smaller pieces. The following guidelines provide recommendations for each category:

Larger Pieces

Avoid moving larger geodes whenever possible. Instead, focus on cleaning the surface where they are displayed using a clean and soft cloth.

For deep cleaning purposes, particularly for larger pieces and collectibles, it is recommended to utilize a compressed gas duster. This tool delivers moisture-free bursts of air, effectively removing dust, lint, and other contaminants from the hard-to-reach crevices between the crystals and points. This method eliminates the need to handle the sizable gemstone itself.

Smaller Fragments:

Smaller geode fragments can be safely picked up and taken to a flat work area. To prevent any scratching, it is advisable to cover the work surface with a cloth to protect both the crystals and the underlying surface.

Follow the steps outlined below to complete the cleaning process.

  • Fill a container with enough lukewarm water to submerge the piece, and add a teaspoon of mild soap.
  • Gently place your geodes and leave it in the soapy water for a few minutes, to soften the dust accumulated in the tiny crevices between the crystals.
  • Gently rub the piece with an extra-soft bristle toothbrush. Take your time. Whether you are working on a fragment composed of large or small crystals be mindful of every crystal peak as you reach it with your soft brush.
  • Rinse the crystal with clean distilled water. Distilled water is free of impurities such as mineral deposits that could leave residues in the stone. Repeat rinse until soap is completely removed.
  • Place the geode in a place where it can dry naturally avoiding direct sunlight, which is never recommended.
  • Repeat the process whenever you feel it is necessary.
  • The use of a compressed-gas duster can be a great option as well.


Due to the nature of these natural-art pieces, we ensure packaging will be aesthetically pleasing, and methodical to ensure the intact arrival of your item.

  • We securely wrap each piece in a customized one hundred percent organic cotton bag to avoid any possible scratches to the crystal peaks or back.
  • This bag will be placed in a tight bed of organic honeycomb wrapping paper.
  • Then mindfully placed in a classy custom-made box.
  • Lastly, the gift box will be placed in the shipping box tightly surrounded by packing noodles.

All items ordered through the Deepest Earth website will generally ship within 1 to 2 business days.


All domestic economy shipping will be FREE of cost to the customer. Customers will receive their order via USPS Economy Shipping generally with a transit time of up to 5 business days. Expedited shipping options are available at check-out.


International economy shipping will be FREE of cost to the customer with any purchase of up to 20lb. Purchases placed outside of the U.S. will generally be received within 8 business days. Expedited shipping options are available at check-out.

Please note, regarding international shipping. Customs, duties, and taxes may apply to international purchases and will be handled individually, as the official department that administrates and collects the duties levied varies per country. The country's Customs Department may contact the purchaser directly as it will be the purchaser's responsibility to cover the duties that may apply.

Custom or privately arranged purchases of larger pieces will be handled on an individual basis in close communication with the buyer.




In order to safeguard the delicate integrity of all products offered by Deepest Earth, including the ones you are contemplating, we have implemented these policies. We are committed to providing complete transparency regarding the quality of our crystals.

To ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of each piece, our extensive gallery of photographs offers close-up shots for precise examination of details. Additionally, we provide accurate dimensions in pounds, kilograms, inches, and centimeters, allowing you to receive the exact unique gemstone that captured your heart.

Above all, we have complete confidence that you will adore your chosen gemstone and proudly share the excitement of your purchase with your friends and colleagues.