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Rare Shape Amethyst - Calcite - Red Hematite

Rare Shape Amethyst - Calcite - Red Hematite

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Presenting an extraordinary and exquisite specimen, this cluster showcases a remarkably rare shape amethyst - calcite- red hematite mineral delight. Its lavender tones are complemented by the addition of red hues, courtesy of varying temperatures during its formation.

A striking contrast is formed with the presence of red hematite and green celadonite bands, which elegantly border the raw basalt. Adding to the composition's allure is a substantial calcite formation, displaying a pale honey-icy appearance, further enriching the overall aesthetic.



Weight: 3.65 lb - 1.55 Kg

Height: 4.72 in - 12.0 cm

Width: 4.32 in - 11.0 cm

Depth: 4.3 in - 11 cm

Additional Details

This is a mineral piece in a very rare shape amethyst cluster displaying a hefty calcite and a touch of red hematite. Different temperatures involved resulted in a display of quartz, icy calcite, red hematite, and other minerals. purple crystal peaks, and green celadonite exemplifying the quality of Uruguay's finds.

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