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Deepest Earth

Lilac Cathedral Cut Amethyst Mineral

Lilac Cathedral Cut Amethyst Mineral

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Displaying a timeless lilac cathedral cut amethyst mineral geode, features multiple mineral windows in captivating shades. The enchanting final layer of color, delicately draped over the white quartz, perfectly complements the deep green celadonite layer, elevating this amethyst to a new level of beauty. Adding to its allure, this fragment is adorned with an exquisite calcite formation, showcasing the intricate mineral artistry of nature.

Within the rough volcanic rock at the back of the geode, a large aperture awaits, offering an additional glimpse into the realm of exceptional minerals. It is through this opening that the piece unveils another extraordinary aspect of its captivating composition.

Lilac Cathedral Cut Amethyst Mineral 



Weight: 1.96 lb - 0.75 Kg

Height: 5.0 in - 12.6 cm 

Width: 3.5 in - 8.75 cm

Depth: 2.11 in - 5.5 cm

Additional Details

Classic cathedral cut geode of multiple mineral windows in lilac shades. The charming last layer of color over the white quartz compliments the deep green celadonite layer taking this amethyst into a higher league of beauty. Adorned with the extra detail of the calcite formation is not the end of this gemstone's artistry. Within the rough volcanic rock in the back, we can appreciate a large aperture offering an extra peak at exceptional minerals.

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