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Deepest Earth

Electric Purple - Large Calcite

Electric Purple - Large Calcite

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The captivating electric purple - large calcite amethyst, with its invigorating intensity, enthralls and reveals a host of unique details. Its energizing color, reminiscent of electric purple, combined with its organic wave-like shape, transforms it into an alluring sculpture that evokes a delightful sense of motion. The rare electric purple with - large calcite within the amethyst exhibits a strikingly rich yellow-orangey honey color, adding depth and warmth to the overall composition.

Upon closer looking, the edges of the amethyst unveil intense bursts of orange and blueish-grey agate and jasper, beautifully converging with the stunning raw back. Together, these elements create a mesmerizing interplay of colors and textures that enhance the allure of this remarkable geode.





Weight: 5.52 lb - 2.5 Kg

Height: 4.2 in - 10.5 cm

Width: 4.5 in - 11.2 cm

Depth: 2.2 in - 5.4 cm

Additional Details

Hypnotizing purple amethyst of electric intensity hue draws you in as it offers even more unique details. Its energizing color and natural wave-like shape make for an alluring sculpture evoking a sense of motion. The electric purple with large calcite is very rich in a yellow-orangey honey color. Quality from Uruguay

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