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Staggering amethyst surrounded by white quartz, agate, and vibrant green celadonite with bands of bluish-green and yellow which outline and contrast the different purple hues.  

Gorgeous shades of purple amethyst geode filled will with large crystals. Remarkably reflective of natural or indoor light, the traditional polished style offers the rough basalt back as a reminder of the natural, earth-made piece of art this is.

This cluster-style geode formed in a bubble of magma with the perfect combination of pressure, cooling, and an amazing mix of minerals in a formation time period dated back the time when dinosaurs roamed the planed around 130 million years ago. Deepest Earth bring it to you from the prestigious Northern stretch of Uruguay. Always sourced in an ethical manner.



Weight: 3.5 lb , 1.51 Kg

Heigh: 5"

Weigh: 4.5"

Depth: 3.5" 

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