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Deepest Earth

MICRO CRYSTALS Quartz Geode Fragment

MICRO CRYSTALS Quartz Geode Fragment

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This petite fragment resembles a miniature volcano, encased in charcoal-purple micro crystals and featuring a cut stalactite protruding from its top. The presence of visible green celadonite and unpolished basalt lends it a raw and primordial appearance. This piece serves as an excellent starting point for initiating a collection. 

Micro Crystals Quartz Geode Fragment of high-quality sourced ethically from Uruguay.




Weight: 0.35 lb - 0.10 Kg

Height: 2.5 in - 6.35 cm

Width: 2.3 in - 5.85 cm

Depth: 2.4 in - 6.1 cm

Additional Details

Small volcano-resembling, MICRO CRYSTALS quartz geode fragment. Surrounded by charcoal-purple color microcrystals exposing a cut stalactite on its top. Visible green celadonite and unpolished basalt for a very raw and primeval look. This makes a great introductory piece to start the building of a collection.

  • ethically sourced
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