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Deepest Earth

Green Druzy Quartz Geode

Green Druzy Quartz Geode

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This is an extraordinary and exceptional green druzy quartz geode. It showcases a stunning array of multiple large calcite formations, composed of pale-hued crystals, making this piece truly phenomenal. The cluster is adorned with bands of green and yellow agate, gracefully converging with the raw basalt at the back.

This rare amethyst specimen stands as a mineral masterpiece, encapsulating the captivating cavities that Uruguayan volcanic rocks have to offer. Its unique combination of colors, textures, and formations is a testament to the remarkable beauty found within the Earth's depths.

Rare Green Druzy Quartz Geode



Weight: 2.65 lb - 1.91 Kg

Height: 4.8 in - 12.2 cm

Width: 3.7 in - 9.3 cm

Depth: 2.95 in - 7.5 cm

Additional Details

Phenomenal and unique amethyst green druzy quartz cluster. A full display of multiple large, calcite formations of pallid-crystals nature makes this piece simply extraordinary. Adorned with green and yellow agate bands that meet with the raw basalt in the back. This rare amethyst is a mineral masterpiece that embodies all the cavities the Uruguayan volcanic rocks can offer.

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