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Deepest Earth

Weathered Woodland Brown Amethyst

Weathered Woodland Brown Amethyst

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The remarkable Rare Brown Amethyst Geode is an attention-grabbing substantial piece that will surely delight collectors seeking unique amethyst variations. This geode boasts an almost white calcite formation resembling a crown at its peak. It is elegantly encircled by a band of light quartz crystals, revealing a stunning layer of translucent brown agate. The composition is beautifully completed by a layer of green celadonite.

This rare find is ethically sourced and represents the pinnacle of luxury home decor, a testament to the treasures the Uruguayan land has to offer.



Weight: 2.90 lb - 1.17 Kg

Height: 3.91 in - 10 cm

Width: 3.9 in - 9. 8 cm

Depth: 3.6 in - 9.2 cm

Additional Details

The phenomenal Rare Brown Amethyst Geode is simply a noteworthy bulky piece most pleasing for amethyst variation seekers. Nearly white in color, a calcite formation shows as a hat at the top of the piece. Bordered by a bandeau of light quartz crystals revealing an exquisite band of see-through brown agate. a layer of green celadonite concludes the composition.

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