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Deepest Earth

Mineral Amethyst Masterpiece

Mineral Amethyst Masterpiece

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This stunning and rich piece was polished to reveal lots of mineralogical information. The outer layer is basalt, the interior is the most saturated purple color of frosty amethyst crystals, and at the top of the geode lies an orange-toned rare variety of mineral formations that developed naturally over the course of millions of years. A sticking green celadonite band and agate layer contrast with the primitive nature of the rough basalt.

Note, the crystals on this amethyst are classified as frosty possessing a distinctive sheen that differs from the luster of traditional crystals.



Weight: 1.16 lb - 0.89 Kg

Height: 4.1 in - 10.4 cm

Width: 4.4 in - 11.1 cm

Depth: 2.1 in 5.3 cm

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