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Deepest Earth

Seastar Center Decor

Seastar Center Decor

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Here we have a stunning, standalone amethyst specimen in a rich, intense purple hue, featuring a captivating mauve-pink natural formation at its center that resembles a Seastar Center Decor design.

The lovely interplay of tones and intricate details is accentuated by lighter-colored quartz and vibrant green celadonite, all set against the backdrop of rustic basalt. This ethically sourced beauty hails from Uruguay, showcasing the Earth's remarkable artistry.



Weight: 1.14 lb - 0.85 Kg

Height: 5.1 in - 12.76 cm

Width: 3.95 in - 10.1 cm

Depth: 2.2 in - 5.57 cm

Additional Details

An exquisite intense purple stand-alone amethyst offering a center mauve-pink earth-made displays a Seastar Center Decor design. Loverly harmony of tones and details outlined by lighter color quartz and bright green celadonite followed by the rustic basalt back. An Uruguayan, ethically sourced beauty.

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