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Deepest Earth



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Appealing mounted amethyst of lite charcoal color with a tint of purple quartz crystals with exceptional detail of a colorful green agate cut stalactite. The polished back elevates the aesthetics of this small piece belonging to your desk or bedside.

Cut stalactites embellish such an amethyst fragment in a classy manner as they're not common to find as a doll-up natural design.


Permanent iron mounting securely holds the fragment. 

On the stand, approximately 5.8 in - 14.8 cm tall



Weight: 1.08 lb - 0.50 Kg

Height: 3.8 in - 9.65 cm

Width: 2.7 in - 6.9 cm

Depth: 1.9 in - 4.85 cm

Additional Details

  • ethically sourced
  • deluxe packaging
  • free shipping
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