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deepest earth



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Brilliant, just like the brightest star in the sky, Sirius is a most light-reflecting amethyst with multiple unique stalactite formations. 

This mesmerizing cut-base half-geode amethyst draws you in with its stunning beautiful deep purple peaks, just to reveal an even more complex composition of fascinating details. the untouched basalt in the back serves as a reminder of how it was formed inside the cavities of volcanic rock millions of years ago. the traditional polish displays the combination of minerals involved in the formation of this one-of-a-kind piece.  

Sourced from Uruguay, the country recognized for the finest and most aesthetic amethyst in the world, this is an impressive and unrepeatable natural wonder of art.



Weight: 2.6 lb - 1.8 kg

Height: 5.0 in - 12.7 cm

Width: 4.25 in - 10.8 cm

Depth: 2.5 in - 6.4 cm

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