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Deepest Earth

Agate and Quartz Stalactite Eye

Agate and Quartz Stalactite Eye

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This is an extraordinary mineral specimen, crafted by nature itself—an agate and quartz stalactite eye also representative of a flower. Its gauzy shades, ranging from soft and ethereal tones, culminate in enchanting light purple crystal peaks. This stunning piece originated millions of years ago within the bountiful subterranean caves of northern Uruguay.

The delicate and pale colors, intricately woven with exquisite details, form a compelling testament to the diverse array of minerals involved in the creation of this stalactite slice. Its beauty is a testament to the intricate processes that shape our world over time.


Images display front and back.

Stalactite slices are presented in a classy box with a clear, fitting stand.



Length: 4.3 in - 10.8 cm

Width: 4.0 in - 10 cm

Additional Details

This extraordinary nature-made mineral piece is an agate and quartz stalactite eye of gorgeous gauzy shades, concluding in lite purple crystal peaks, formed millions of years ago in the rich underground caves of the northern Uruguayan land. Pastel colors and mega-large size.

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