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Amethyst Geode - White Quartz - Calcite

Amethyst Geode - White Quartz - Calcite

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Presenting an awe-inspiring amethyst geode featuring a magnificent calcite formation. Within this geode, one can behold stunning white quartz crystals with a captivating purple tint, complemented by a striking central calcite coated in black goethite. The arrangement of black goethite in straight lines over the calcite is exceptionally rare and predominantly found in Uruguay. Mineral collectors often refer to such arrangements as "skunks."

Delicately overlapping the calcite, one can observe the graceful presence of delicate purple-toned quartz. This combination of unique minerals creates a mesmerizing display that showcases the beauty and rarity of this remarkable geode.


Amethyst Calcite - White Quartz - Crystals



Weight: 3.95 lb - 1.65 Kg

Height: 4.1 in - 10.2 cm

Width: 4.0 in - 10 cm

Depth: 4.5 in - 11.5 cm

Additional Details

Presented here is a beautiful and scarce fragment of an amethyst stalactite showcased on a stand. Its saturated purple color is truly enchanting. The polished edges gracefully unveil the presence of a remarkable green celadonite band that delicately frames the quartz crystals within. Additionally, a section at the front has been polished, allowing the inner sparkle of the crystals to shine through.

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