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Deepest Earth



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Behold this charming and rare shape amethyst geode slice, which exudes a playful essence in its small size. Its shape is truly exceptional, resembling a delicate young bird, as if skillfully crafted by a talented and inspired artist. However, its intricate form is a result of millions of years of natural creation deep within the Earth's underground, where diverse minerals artfully merged together.

The slice showcases a remarkable composition, featuring brown quartz micro-crystals and a blue agate cut stalactite that bears a striking resemblance to an oversized eye, further enhancing its resemblance to a newly-hatched CHICK. This mineral piece is truly one-of-a-kind, showcasing a unique and captivating blend of nature's craftsmanship.



Weight: 1 oz - 29 gm

Height: 1 in - 2.55 cm

Width: 3.8 in - 9.7 cm

Depth: 2.3 in - 5.9 cm

Additional Details

This playful small, RARE SHAPED AMETHYST SLICE resembles a young bird as delicate and detailed as having been put together by a talented and inspired artist. Instead, it was created by our deepest earth’s underground millions of years ago, with a remarkable merging of different minerals.

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