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Deepest Earth

Delicate Crystal Flower Stalactite Slice

Delicate Crystal Flower Stalactite Slice

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Admire the beauty of this Delicate Crystal Flower Stalactite Slice, adorned with exquisite opera-purple tones on its crystal peaks. At its center, is a captivating blend of red jasper and other earthy colors, resulting from the presence of diverse mineral components. This slice is a testament to the remarkable artistry of nature, inviting you to admire the intricate beauty that has been crafted over countless years.

The formation of a stalactite begins with the gradual dripping of mineral-enriched water on cave ceilings. Over the course of thousands of years, each drop of water deposits a thin ring of calcite, gradually building up these stunning formations. Each stalactite is a unique masterpiece, shaped by the intricate interplay of water and minerals.

Images display both sides.

Stalactite slices are presented in a classy box with a clear, fitting stand.




Length: 2.2 in - 5.6 cm

Width: 2.0 in - 4.9 cm

Additional Details

A stalactite begins with drops of minerals-enriched water, formed on cave ceilings. As the mineral-loaded water drips over thousands of years it leaves behind a thin ring of calcite. Drop after drop more rings form creating these gorgeous formations, each very unique. Delicate Crystal Flower Stalactite Slice

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