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Icy Calcites Rare Amethyst Geode

Icy Calcites Rare Amethyst Geode

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Presented before you is a square-shaped violet icy calcites rare amethyst geode, showcasing an enchanting display adorned with remarkable black goethite. The presence of this unusual mineral on amethyst is a rare occurrence, as it typically requires different temperature conditions for each mineral to form.

This rare geode, resembling a museum-worthy piece, offers an additional delight in the form of two large, pristine calcite formations with a striking icy white appearance. These formations are beautifully separated by a delightful section of brown goethite. The raw back of the geode is outlined by the intricate contours of red jasper.

Icy Calcites Rare Amethyst Geode One-of-a-Kind Collection



Weight: 2.11 lb - 1.22 Kg

Height: 4.55 in - 11.55 cm

Width: 4.3 in - 10. 9 cm

Depth: 3.0 in - 5.5 cm

Additional Details

This is a showcase piece, Icy Calcites Rare Amethyst Geode violet purple amethyst of striking black goethite, which is an unusual mineral to grow. Multiple icy calcite formations and red jasper contour an outline of the raw back. High quality from Uruguay.

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