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Deepest Earth



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Discover a captivating crown radial-shaped amethyst geode, brimming with an abundance of large crystal gemstones. The interior mesmerizes with its intense purple hue, while a delightful green agate layer and banded exterior of white quartz add a touch of enchantment. The contrasting elements between the mesmerizing crystals and the surrounding white backdrop create a vivid and extraordinary representation of the diverse minerals involved in this exceptional piece of natural art.

With a traditional polished finish and contrasting raw basalt at the back, this geode exemplifies the seamless harmony between refined craftsmanship and the untouched beauty of nature.

Skillfully sourced from the prestigious mines of Uruguay, this piece serves as a special and unique gift for oneself or for anyone who appreciates the allure of a finely crafted, ancient natural art created by our Earth over 130 to 140 million years ago. Embrace the beauty of this timeless treasure and let it become a cherished symbol of nature's magnificence.



Weight: 1.15 lb - 0.82 Kg

Height: 5.0 in - 12.7 cm

Width: 3.5 in - 8.9 cm

Depth: 2.5 in - 6.5 cm

Additional Details

Amethyst geode filled will with large crystal gemstones. Intense purple, and green agate layer, and white quartz banded exterior in this unique hue crystal rare amethyst of white quartz reveal an outstanding and vibrant representation of the many minerals' involvement in this exceptional natural-art piece from Uruguay.

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