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Deepest Earth



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As the master artist, Earth never ceases to amaze us with its boundless array of captivating beauty. This abstract crystal smile piece, crafted with lavender quartz crystals and multiple cut stalactites, serves as a perfect introductory gift for a young enthusiast with discerning taste.

It is worth noting that this remarkable piece, when presented as a gift, carries with it the story of its formation. Created deep underground through a perfect balance of minerals, hydrothermal pressure, and numerous extraordinary conditions during a time when dinosaurs roamed the planet.

Embrace the allure of this crystal rare lavender quartz stalactites cluster, a testament to the remarkable artistry of nature. Let its unique beauty bring joy and wonder to your surroundings, serving as a tangible connection to the awe-inspiring forces that have shaped our planet throughout history.



Weight: 0.7 lb - 0.32 Kg

Height: 0.9 in - 2.3 cm

Width: 4.0  in - 10.2 cm

Depth: 2.7 in - 6.9 cm

Additional Details

Earth, as the artist who created this abstract crystal smile piece, continues to delight us with its endless offerings of beauty. Composed of lavender quartz crystals and multiple cut-stalactites. This is a perfect introductory gift for a young enthusiast with refined taste.

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