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Deepest Earth

Double Stalactite Slice Specimen

Double Stalactite Slice Specimen

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A stalactite slice is an agate formation characterized by three distinct nuclei that develop within a single hydrothermal igneous specimen. These nuclei exhibit variations in color and hardness as the composition of the groundwater changes, leading to the formation of the surrounding crystals. Skilled artisans can cross-cut these stalactites, creating exceptional pieces of natural art.

This triple center stalactite of green agate slice bears a resemblance to a lively caterpillar, unveiling a triple center composed of delicate green agate, bordered by lilac crystal peaks. It represents a complete and harmonious mineral balance, showcasing its innate beauty.

Images display both sides.

Stalactite slices are presented in a classy box with a clear, fitting stand.




Length: 2.9 in - 7.4 cm

Width: 1.83 in - 4.7 cm

Additional Details

A double stalactite slice specimen formed by growing in and around a central piece of agate, which by cross-cutting exposes both a magical minerals center and a flower-like arrangement of surrounding crystals. These slices are a stunning mix of minerals of high quality from Uruguay, displaying bands of beautiful agate

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