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Deepest Earth

Frosty Rare Minerals Geode

Frosty Rare Minerals Geode

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Undoubtedly, the most striking feature of this piece is the remarkable formation of calcite, displaying a diverse range of textures and showcasing rich tones of honey and orange. Its intricate composition reveals a captivating blend of minerals.

This frosty rare minerals geode unveils a layer of forest green celadonite, beautifully merging with the raw basalt volcanic rock. The geode itself originated from the deepest layers of the Earth, dating back approximately 130 to 140 million years. Its unique formation serves as a testament to the extraordinary forces at work within our planet.


*Note, the crystals on this amethyst are classified as frosty possessing a distinctive sheen that differs from the luster of traditional crystals.



Weight: 2.16 lb - 1.35 Kg

Height: 5.2 in - 13.1 cm

Width: 3.7 in - 9.3 cm

Depth: 3.4 in - 8.6 cm

Additional Details

The highlight of this piece is, undoubtedly, the impressive calcite formation of unique multi-textures, and rich honey and orange tones, which reveal a complex mineral composition. This frosty rare minerals geode purple amethyst offers a forest green layer of celadonite, meeting with the raw basalt volcanic rock.

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