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Deepest Earth



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Witness the breathtaking beauty of this sculptural amethyst geode, which showcases the inherent magnificence of nature's geode formations. Affectionately referred to as "Geode 0.5," it offers a unique glimpse into the formation process, allowing you to visualize the lava and mineral gas bubbles that shaped it.

The geode features an impressive display of intense-purple quartz, adorned by bands of captivating blue and green jasper, as well as celadonite. Its remarkable composition effortlessly harmonizes with any interior style. Meanwhile, the unfinished dark basalt back unveils a captivating window of quartz and minerals, further enhancing its natural allure.




Weight 15 oz - 430 gms

Height: 4.7 in - 12 cm

Width: 5.6 in - 14.25 cm

Depth: 4.4 in - 11.20 cm

Additional Details

This stunning and sculptural amethyst geode highlights the inherent natural beauty of a geode amethyst. We called it geode 0.5 as it truly represents a half geode. Of impressive and intense-purple quartz bordered by bands of blue and green jasper and celadonite. High quality from Uruguay.

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