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Deepest Earth



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Delight in the beauty of this heart shaped amethyst, elegantly showcased on a customized iron stand, where it unveils a captivating double eye stalactite formation. The classic quartz fragment is adorned with fully iron-loaded purple peaks, creating a mesmerizing display.

During its formation, a substantial amount of iron-charged water permeated the white quartz, resulting in complete tinting of the quartz and leaving no white peaks exposed. Instead, the hearth shaped amethyst boasts intense purple crystals, accentuated by the exquisite presence of a rare double-center eye-resembling cut stalactite made of green and bluish agate. This refined composition exemplifies the unique artistry of nature.


Permanent iron mounting securely holds the fragment. 

On the stand, approximately 5.8 in - 14.8 cm tall




Weight: 1.3 lb - 0.34 Kg

Height: 4.1 in - 10.42 cm

Width: 3.3 in - 8.4 cm

Depth: 1.3 in - 3.3 cm

Additional Details

On a customized iron stand this heart shaped amethyst delights us with a double-eye stalactite formation. A classic quartz fragment on a customized stand. During the formation period, millions of years ago, a heavy amount of iron-charged water tinted the white quartz. Rare and high quality from Uruguay.

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