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Deepest Earth



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One-of-a-kind amethyst geode cathedral-style with exquisite honey-color calcite formation. Calcites are relatively rare on amethysts due to the different formation temperatures required for the emergence of the two minerals together in one piece. Outer white quartz frames the gorgeous deep purple crystals in the front. 

Furthermore, the posterior display of multiple windows in the basalt, where you can explore green and bluish layers of agate and celadonite bands, adds to the list of unique details.

A full display of minerals came together in this unique piece dated back to the Crustaceous Period and was mined in an ethically and conscious manner in the Northern land of Uruguay. The country is awarded for possessing the highest quality.



Weight: 1.15 lb - 0.82 Kg

Height: 5.0 in - 12.7 cm

Width: 3.5 in - 8.9 cm

Depth: 2.5 in - 6.5 cm

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