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Deepest Earth

Unique Geode Amethyst with Large Calcite

Unique Geode Amethyst with Large Calcite

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One-of-a-kind. This unique geode amethyst with large calcite showcases a mesmerizing deep purple hue. The piece takes the form of a stunning, mostly intact egg-shaped geode, with a prominently displayed calcite section to the left that has been partially polished. The quartz peaks, naturally tinted, exhibit an intense purple color, revealing a magnificent blend of various minerals within.

The inclusion of calcites in amethyst is a rarity, as their formation process requires distinct temperature conditions, making this discovery all the more exceptional.




Weight: 2.18 lb - 0.96 Kg

Height: 5.2 in - 13.2 cm

Width: 3.8 in - 9.61 cm

Depth: 2.1 in - 5.2 cm

Additional Details

Unique geode amethyst with large calcite garnishing the center of the piece. Egg-shaped geode with prominent calcite to the left, partially polished. Quartz peaks with intense purple exposing a grand mix of different minerals. Calcites are rare in amethyst as they differ in temperature requirement during formation.

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